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Hybrid Magrav BP

 Hybrid Magrav Generator v1






123rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop




Tuesday July 26th, 2016, at 10AM CET, the Keshe Foundation Space Ship Institute will release information about a major breakthrough in the world of science and spaceship technology.


The event will be broadcast live on on the internet on Live Stream, YouTube and Zoom platforms. It is essential that you participate in the broadcast, and even more important that you share the knowledge in order to stop any attempts at suppression of the spreading of this humanity changing information!


Live Stream link:


YouTube Streaming channel:


Zoom link:




Fabio Alfonso Memorial



Fabio Alfonso Memorial

July 7th, 2016


Love you and your soul my son, be content with the joys you have brought to the life of those whom you have touched in your short life as many with longer time on this planet cannot achieve a fraction of what you have achieved.


Bless your soul in all realms of the creations of the creator.


MT Keshe


Fabio MemorialFabio Memorial


Livestream Link: https://livestream.com/accounts/20368869/events/5762420


YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/nR31FiNIALI


French Kfssi

public frenchpublic french


Bonjour à toutes et tous,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que les enseignements publics en français auront lieu tous les jeudis soirs à 19h00 (heure de Paris).

Lien pour rejoindre la salle de conférence sur Zoom:

Tous les enseignements sont disponibles en différé sur la chaîne Youtube de la KF SSI: 

Centralisation de tous les enseignements publics en français:

Salutations plasmatiques.


Rejoignez-nous sur notre site Web éducatif du KFSSI!


KFSSI en français


Short End of the Stick Interview!


Mike Harris (Veterans Today) “Short End of the Stick” broadcast on Revolution Radio 18 February 2016


Here is the interview:



Kerry Cassidy Interview!

Mr. Keshe of the Keshe Foundation has been interviewed by Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot.



Here is the interview:



Mr. Keshe on the 21st Century Superhuman Show


21stCentury Cary Kirastar Ellis Feb 13 2016 cover21stCentury Cary Kirastar Ellis Feb 13 2016 cover

 click on the picture above for the video

(direct link: http://www.naturallybetter.tv/mr-keshe-plasma-energy-space-travel-world-peace-brilliant/)

 Join author, host Cary Ellis with Mr. Keshe as he shares his history, how he connected with Plasma Energy, his vision for Space Travel and brilliant strategy for implementing World Peace.   LISTEN as visionary Keshe reveals his journey and discoveries pushing the frontiers of new ways for humanity to live. Consider joining Keshe Institute with students from around the world. Attend World Peace Conference Dubai April 21-22, 2016, and formation of  peace keeping council April 23. 


KFSSI Products


New products available directly from the Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute!


Pain Pad and Pain Pen



 KFSSI pain pen padKFSSI pain pen pad


Now available in the Webshop!




Magravs-Power Systems


The Keshe Foundation is advising that systems manufactured, from the Foundation, as well as those that built systems at home, are in perfect working order.

Until this point, as per the manual, the systems are in a conditioning phase.  The method on how to use the systems properly, as a 2KW surplus power unit, will be announced on Thursday, December 10th. This will be during the Public Knowledge Seeker Workshop, available on the following links:



ZOOM Broadcast

Conditioning should have been performed over the last 3 weeks.  The Keshe Foundation has been advising about the conditioning of the systems since the first Blueprint Teaching Workshops and this process must be followed by all customers and builders.

If you have built a system, as per the blueprints, it must be advised to NOT paste the nano-coated coils with an abundance of GANS. Instruction has been provided during the 90th Public Knowledge Seekers Workshop.  

Please see this video for important information (clip of the 90th Knowledge Seekers Workshop ~4min long):

3rd Ambassador Invitation

Previous sessions: 


84th Knowledge Seekers Workshop


along with


Archive of the 3rd Ambassador Meeting in China!


 October 22st



Livestream: https://livestream.com/accounts/15210385/ambassadors


Youtube (3rd Ambassors Meeting Rome): https://youtu.be/eqwxKwG93Hg



Ambassador InvitationAmbassador Invitation



We all can be involved with the release of the technology!

See the post on our forums for listings of the embassies:  HERE


3rd Ambassador Invitation Gallery



Pictures from the 3rd Ambassadors Meeting:




 magravpowerrowresizedmagravpowerrowresized nigeriaambassadorresizednigeriaambassadorresized  





We have provided Magrav-Power systems, as the Keshe Foundation, to the attending ambassadors!  

We all can be involved with the release of the technology!

See the post on our forums for listings of the embassies:  HERE


peace roadmap



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