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Website problems ?

Some users have troubles signing in or registering, and send us a notice that it's not possible, without any further information. Therefore we have setup this webpage, so we can try to help you registering at our website or forum.


Regarding registration on the main website


These are the steps you need to take:

Be sure:
  1. You have filled in all the details ! 
  • are there any fields missing? 
  • did you enter the correct image
  • or did you get an error ?)
  1. If you cannot login, with your password or username, you can try this link


If you are still having problems:
  1. Please go to this diagnose page
  2. Copy the whole page into a Word document 
  3. Send it in an email to webmaster@keshefoundation.org
  4. Don't forget to mention on what page you have the problem (send us the link ! )
  5. And describe what error do you get?
We will try to help you if we find any problems within the diagnose, but we cannot deal with any computerproblems whatsoever.


Regarding registration on the forum:

The website and forum have a different registration procedure and are moderated differently. Once we've checked your registration we will decide if you get access to our forum.


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