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Walk down our action path in simple steps!

As you know the Foundation is non-profit and is not looking for any type of commercial promotion. So if you feel like doing something to help the Foundation reach its goals of solving the world's most urgent problems, we suggest you follow the steps of our ACTION PATH described below. It starts with very simple but important steps that won't take too much of your time and it continues with ways of getting more involved.


Step 1: SPREAD the word (2-3 minutes)

1A) SHARE our short video 

We are producing a short video to showcase the Foundation and highlight its aims and its technology. This will provide a perfect overview for people who have not yet heard about the Foundation, and you'll be able to share it very easily.

(This action will take you approximately 30 seconds)

 Link to sharing our video : http://youtu.be/UrN99RELqwo


1B) LIKE and SHARE our Facebook page and comment our posts

We have an increasing number of fans of the Foundation on Facebook. Every single like helps to strengthen our network and make sure more people know about the technology. We would be glad to have you as one of our fans. Please log in to your Facebook account and like our page there. This way you will also be informed of our postings and activities via Facebook.

It is also very helpful for us that you interact with us on Facebook. Since your friends are able to see your activity with us, it will help us each time you comment our posts. We also have some other Fanpages of people in other countries who have been building them independently. You are welcome to like those pages as well.

You can also spread the word on other social networks such as Linked-in, Twitter, Google+

(This action will take you less than 1 minute if you have a Facebook account.)

Profile Picture Link to our Facebook page

1C) TALK to your friends and family

If you think the people you love and trust should know about this too, then try talking to your friends and family about the technology and the brighter future that it can bring for all of us. Talk about the potential applications and ask them to visit our website and inform themselves about it.

(If you just do this the next time you meet someone, this action won't take any extra time.)

Step 2: ASK your government for the technology (5 minutes)

The Foundation wants to make sure the technology is shared with everybody and not abused or misused by a small group of individuals or corporations. We also want to avoid chaos breaking out with a sudden release of the technology. This is why we seek to cooperate with every government in the world that is willing to make the technology available to its people.

We want to do this in the right way, so we have invited all ambassadors based in Belgium to attend an event we are organizing to share this knowledge. If you want to make sure a representative of your country attends this meeting, you can write a letter to the ambassador of your country in Belgium and ask him/her to attend our events and receive the technlogoy so it can be made available to you. In the link below you will find a list of all the countries and their embassies in Belgium with the corresponding email addresses for this purpose, as well as a prepared letter which will make it easier and quicker for you to send the email.

(This action will take you approximatley 3 to 5 minutes)

Link to the embassy emails


Step 3: LEARN more about the technology (some hours/days)

3A) READ the information on this website

A lot of the knowledge about the technology has already been made freely available for you on this website. If you have a specific area of interest (transport, energy, environment, health, new materials) then you can visit that area and learn about the different applications. You can access all areas from our homepage.

(This action will take you approximately 3 to 5 hours for each section)

  Link to solutions for HEALTH

Link to solutions for ENERGY

Link to solutions for ENVIRONMENT

Link to solutions for TRANSPORTATION

Link to solutions for SPACE

Link to solutions for NEW MATERIALS

Link to solutions for NANO and ICT

3B) REGISTER for and ATTEND our lectures or coming events

We are constantly organizing presentations and different events. You can keep informed about our coming events and register for them. We will also be giving physical lectures at our center in Ninove as well as online lectures to teach people about the underlying principles of the technology and its applications. You can register for these lectures here on our website.

(Registration will take some minutes and the events and lectures some days.)

  Link to EVENTS

book 48 Link to INSTITUTE (online lectures coming soon!!)


3C) DOWNLOAD our free documents

Besides the content on the website we have made available some pdf documents for download with different types of information. Some of these include scientific papers written by Mr. Keshe, and in the future there will also be some abstracts of his books to download.

(This action will take you some hours.)

Link to scientific PAPERS

Link to book extracts


3D) BUY our books

If you wish to be informed on detail about the technology, you can deepen your knowledge about it with our books. Some engineers claim to be able to build the reactors themselves just by reading the books. Some other people have commented that their perspective of life has changed, they feel more aware and conscious after reading the books. If you have reached this point in our action path, we suggest you build your own opinion by reading our books.

(Buying the books will take some minutes, reading them will take you some days.)

Book 3 - The Origin of the Universe (color)  Link to book shop


Step 4: HELP the team (days)

You can support the Foundation team with different activities which need to be done in the following days and weeks:

4A) CREATE new subtitles for our videos

We are looking for people to transcribe the existing videos with English subtitles. This makes it very easy to translate into other languages. If you are willing to help to add the subtitles of videos manually, you can use the program Subtitle Edit.

Videos can be downloaded from Youtube and others from our website. Please ask us for the download link for the video in that case (webmaster@keshefoundation.com) and send us the prepared .srt file afterwards.

4B) TRANSLATE existing subtitles

You can easily translate existing subtitles into your own language. You can do it in a simple text editor (notepad, etc) or via translate.google.com or automatically via the program Subtitle Edit.

Contact us at webmaster@keshefoundation.org 

These subtitle text files are already available (right click the link, save as...):

Health - Regrowth after amputation:

Kf-2011-regrowth-margaretEN.srt (english)

Kf-2011-regrowth-margaretNL.srt (dutch)

Kf-2011-regrowth-margaretPL.srt (polish, thanks to Loesja)

Introduction video:

english srt (thanks to Rick Crammond)

Main principle videos:

Video 1 - Video 2 - Video 3 - Video 4 - Video 5 -  (english, thanks to Rick Crammond) 

Please ask us (webmaster contact) the location of the video files, so you can sync in the SubtitleEdit program.

4C) HELP us enhance our website

Please let us know if you find any broken links or if you encounter problems with our downloads.


4D) HELP us with our Wikipedia page

We notice that there are and have been efforts by different people to get Keshe Foundation onto Wikipedia and they have all been declined by the moderator of Wikipedia (more background on that story can be found in our forum).

We've been trying to get the Wikipage back online, but our efforts seem to be useless. You can find the Wikipage here.

If you have any ideas how to get around this blocking, please let us know.


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