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Wikipedia page

We've been trying to get the Wikipage back online, but the efforts are useless. You can find the Wikipage here.

More info regarding the Wikipage from Mr. Keshe. 


Video: Creating new subtitles

We are looking for people to transcribe the existing videos with English subtitles. This makes it very easy to translate into other languages. If you are willing to help to add the subtitles of videos manually, you can use the program Subtitle Edit.

Videos can be downloaded from Youtube and others from our website. Please ask us for the download link for the video in that case (live@keshefoundation.org) and send us the prepared .srt file afterwards.


Video: Translating existing subtitles

You can easily translate existing subtitles into your own language. You can do it in a simple text editor (notepad, etc) or via translate.google.com or automatically via the program Subtitle Edit.


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