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Where does the humanity go from here on?

Where does the humanity go from here on? 


Humanity Walk With Messiah

The place to meet to hand over the request to the Pope

point of meeting is by the OBELISK in the centre of the San peter square or Piazza San Pietro at 11 am on the Monday the16th Jun 2014.

We will deliver the full papers of the 'where does humanity go from here on' to the pope or his office on that day.

The world peace invitation and release of technology: The 2nd international presentation

(Follow up from: The world peace invitation and release of technology)

Due to the success of the 21 April meeting, the second international presentation for governments and space institutes is being planned for 6 September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation Center in Belgium.

In the meeting we brought together representatives of several governments, and the positive changes which the Foundation can bring about have already started.

Because of the nature of our work, we will not release any information about these meetings and the same has been asked of the ambassadors and officials who attended the meeting on the 21st.


Only invited representatives of governments are allowed.  Outside nothing will be seen.  Please, let the guests participate in peace.  Next public event is on 21 September 2012.


Please keep up the information flow to your governments, as this is more effective than just us talking to them. We have seen it work when we inform the governments about our technology and at the same time they know that their public knows what is going on with our discoveries.



peace roadmap



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