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Flight technology

With this technology we give the reader an insight into the use of the gravitational positioning systems and their use in the flight and space technology of the future.

Motion and lift is created by gravitational positioning and the technology behind the development of these reactors is based on a new understanding of the laws of physics. The concept of creating gravity and Magravs (or so-called anti-gravity) with these reactors is founded on a new understanding of the atomic structure of matter and of the cooperation and interaction of its magnetic fields with each other.

For the development of these new reactors, the principle of the behavior of gases and liquids in the central cores of the planet has been studied and catalogued in detail over the past decades by the Foundation. These are important factors in the development of any energy and motion system that has to be portable and light, but at the same time flexible, powerful and functional for it to be used in the space technology of the future. Such a technology has to produce power, gravity, magnetic shielding and systems for medical use in future space programs.

As its basic function this technology will create motion, whether horizontal or vertical. A craft in motion equipped with this reactor will always be in hover mode, protected by a magnetic shield created by its reactor. If we look at the internal system of planets or stars in the universe that have a PMF (passive magnetic field), which is nearly all of them, they always rotate. To achieve the desired motion in a craft, one cannot think of the methods that man has chosen, using burning fuel to create lift. Planets in the universe do not fill up at every fuel station, they do not stand still and they do not have wings to fly. When motion is created by the reactor generating a PMF, the craft is at all times protected by a magnetic field shield, the equivalent of the atmosphere of a planet.

In this system, with the help of the inner reactor core, one can control the strength of this protective field. At the same time, this means that once this system is used in an object nothing should or would be able to reach the object. This type of PMF is totally harmless and matches the PMF encountered in daily life on Earth. These types of craft in motion, and their passengers, are fully protected at all times without any side effects. The craft fitted with this type of reactor creates the elusive shield effect that scientists have been searching for in the past decades. There is no risk of the craft being destroyed once the system is in use.
The advantage with this system is that size does not matter; as we can see, planets with billions of tons of dead weight rotate and move, and possess gravity and shielding without any difficulty. The gravitational forces created within the reactor core that is the specific design characteristic of this system will not fight the gravitational forces of the Earth, as does the present aircraft technology. This reactor system works within the gravitational parameters of the Earth to move within its force field.

The new concept of creating the double magnetic force field within the reactor makes it possible to create sufficient gravitational force in the reactor’s core to repel or create an anti-gravity force field so that a craft will be able to move within the gravitational forces of the Earth. This gravitational force field could be made to any size.

Therefore, by understanding this phenomenon and being able to create and control the charge of the gravitational field within a reactor, the objective of moving a large mass, as the planets do, can be achieved. In as far as one can control the extent of the reactor’s gravitational field, the size and the weight of the material within its boundary will not affect the operation of the reactor’s gravitational forces. Consequently the size of the craft becomes irrelevant.
To a naked eye, a craft using this shielding technology system will look like a shining light. This is why people see bright objects in the sky but nothing shows up on the radar.

The light is created by the interaction between loose charged particles in the Earth’s atmosphere and the magnetic fields created by the core of the reactor in order to overcome the gravitational force of the Earth. This is very much like the light from a fluorescent tube. This is why the lights from these types of craft will have a bright silvery color.

Unlike jet aircraft, where the craft is ahead of the vapor trail, in these types of craft it is positioned somewhere at the end of the light opposite to the direction of motion. This system will leave no traces like jet vapor. The PMF has a stealth effect when the craft is within the atmosphere because its magnetic field will absorb radar frequency waves. This is why such objects appear invisible to the military.

The object of this craft is to move in the atmosphere, and due to its PMF the physical body of the craft will never come into contact with the atmospheric elements. This means that for these craft the problems due to atmospheric friction and expansion of the craft, as happened with Concorde, rockets and space programs in the past, are non-existent.

In the space programs that this system is primarily designed for, there will be no atmospheric heating and no need for heat shielding tiles for re-entry into any atmospheric conditions, since the PMF shielding will not allow the atmosphere ever to come into contact with the physical body of the craft. The PMF allows the craft to maintain zero friction in atmospheric conditions because the core of the reactor is able to create magnetic fields that can exceed the boundary of the craft to a safe distance. The magnetic forces of the craft will be able to interface with the atmospheric magnetic field of the planet, at a distance predetermined by the magnetic power generated inside the craft.

This is literally like having a moon within a planet’s magnetosphere. This phenomenon is possible and has been seen and studied in detail for Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter, where the mini-magnetosphere of the moon can be observed embedded within the planetary magnetosphere of Jupiter.

The orbit of Ganymede lies within the magnetosphere of JupiterThe orbit of Ganymede lies within the magnetosphere of Jupiter

Ganymede within the magnosphere of JupiterGanymede within the magnosphere of Jupiter



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